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Monday, May 26, 2014

Exams are finally over!

I can't believe that I am finally done with my 1st year!
It was hard but hey! I survived!
Going home soon and I get to meet our new puppy and also most importantly I GET TO INDULGDE IN MALAYSIAN FOOD!


anyways since my exams are over I am watching movies like there's no tomorrow
I am also packing up my room before I leave

I hate packing
I am too lazy
and the dusts
I am allergic to dust
then I cant stop sneezing

back to packing

Have a great day guys!
Remember to smile! :D

Monday, March 31, 2014


Is it just me or does everyone else feel like this year passed very fast?

Oh deary...
2 more months before the exams...
2 more months before essay assessments are due...

I was too drained to blog on Saturday...
I was too dead to blog so Sunday

So I blog today.

I think, havrin 2-3hours sleep is going to slowly kill me...
I am just falling asleep all the time, randomly

But I cant sleep at night because I worry too muchhh

*taking a 5mins break just to blog*

My eyes hurt!

Nothing interesting happened last week so not much to write.

Have a great week!
Stay awesome
Remember to SMILE! :D

Sunday, March 23, 2014

20 Facts about me

Do you guys know Alex Bertie?
If yes, then you would have watched his video and he asked to write 20 facts about yourself...
If you guys don't know who Alex Bertie is or what I am talking about then please take a few minutes to watch THIS

20 Facts About Me:

1. Favourite colours BLACK&RED 
2. I am from Malaysia
3. I love wearing male clothing
4. I collect hats

5. I play the guitar (still have to improve)

6. I play the ukulele (still learning)

7. I play the drums (not very well)
8. I am currently studying LAW at the University of Hull in UK (my first year)
9. I am a Chinese-Malaysian (Chinese born in Malaysia)
10. I enjoy reading
11. I want to have sleeve tattoos on both my hands (I don't think it's appropriate for a Lawyer)
12. I am scared of little kids
13. I prefer not to be labeled. ( Love is love, right?)
14.I love DOGS!
15. I like singing randomly (not really good at it though)
16. I need to have at least a cup of tea a day, everyday
17. I need a haircut after every 2 1/2 - 3 months
18. I like drawing when I am bored
19. I love doing origami

20. I love baking

And that is 20 facts about me! :D

Have a great day guys!
Stay awesome
Remember to SMILE! :D

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Assessments, Exams, OHMIGOSH!

Well hello!
I have a headache and I am not sure why...
It could be the fact that I slept at 5ish nearly 6am and woke up at 8am...
It just could be my head protesting...

Hmm whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon because there is so much to read, so little time...
(and yet, here I am blogging...)

The amount of reading just to prepare for one seminar is mental!
and that's just for a module!
This semester I have 4 modules overall...

There's so much to read for Contract law, Values & the Law and Public Law & the Constitution. Luckily the other module, which is Skills is practically easy to read with no BIG mumbo jumbo words that no one understands...

As most of you may know, or maybe not know, my assessed essay questions are out...
I have 5 essays overall, due in the same week as well as an exam in the same week...
Holy Shizzles...
Gotta start researching...
Gotta start camping in the library...
The library will now be my second home...

another 3 more weeks before Easter Break. And that's a 3 week "holiday"...
That is when I will dedicate all my time planning and writing all 5 essays.
Oh deary!
Good luck to me...

Sunday tomorrow,
might spend it in the library...

Goodbye social life,
Goodbye sleep,
Nerdy mode : ON

Alrighty guys,
Have a great day!
Stay Awesome
Remember to SMILE! :D

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Short Update

I was suppose to blog yesterday, but I was too busy reading 6 chapters of Contract law.

Anyways, I am now taking a break because I could not finish reading all 6 chapters yesterday and decided to blog.

This week has been a really boring week.
Its the same thing all week.

But, this week I bought myself a Ukulele!
It's purple and its called Poppie.
and and and, the machine heads are shaped like dolphins!

Enthusiastic face.

That is the highlight of my week.
Getting a ukulele.

Why did I decide to buy one?
Well, Rufus (my guitar) was feeling lonely and I kinda miss playing the uke.


that is probably it.
I have nothing more to type.
I am hungry though...

instant noodles it is.
What am I to do without Maggie?
Maggie instant noodles, keeping me full since 2012 when I went to college.

Have a nice day guys!
Stay Awesome!
Remember to SMILE!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekly Update ( 24/2 - 1/3)

Hello guys!
My timetable for semester is a bit shitty that is one of the reasons why I can only blog on weekends. Besides that, I also have my seminars clumped together. Preparation for seminar takes a long time, especially due to the reading. So much to read, so little time...
Oh well, at least I am able to update this little blog of mine at least once a week.

This is what happened this week:

Monday, 24/2
Exam results came up.
I passed.
I was so relieved I passed because I thought I screwed up my paper...
so YAY, great start to the week I suppose...

Tuesday, 25/2
Nothing much, just went for lectures.

Wednesday, 26/2
Went for a meeting to see what to do for cultural night. After that, I went to a buffet with some friends for dinner.
It was an awesome night.

Thursday, 27/2
I ate fish and chips for dinner...

Friday, 28/2
Realised hat it was the last day of Febuary...
Time passes really fast.
Start panicking...

Saturday, 1/3
went for a meeting to script and plan out the play.
I think it went well. We were trying to make the story funny, so hopefully people watching it would think its funny too.
After that, I went for badminton.
After badminton we went for coffee then Tesco.
I bought Lucky Charms!
I ate that for dinner.
I feel very rainbowey now...
Slightly sleepy as well....

On a side note,
I was running on a 2hour sleep this week... not everyday but most of the days...
not good

thats about it.
Sorry so being so boring but hey, that's how awesome my life is... hehe

Have a great day!
Stay Awesome
Remember to Smile!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Update of the week!

14 Febuary:
Valentines Day or as I like to call it, Forever Alone awareness day! 
Happy Belated Forever Alone Awareness day to all the forever alones like me!
On this special occasion, I went to York with 2 other friends.
We went to the train station after class. Its an hour train ride to York.
I had a great time in York... Putting aside the crazy weather... The wind and the rain and the cold!

York won my love, and I would like to go to York again when I have time and when the train tickets are cheap... heh
My 3 favourite shops in York:

Step in and this is the first thing you see.
Its Candy Heaven. 
This is my favourite shop.
I love candy!
I only bought 3 types of candy.
Gotta have Wonka and Hi-Chew

The Disney store!
It's awesome! 
I felt like an adult kid when I went inside.
Such a happy place

The Asian shop!
Everything Asian.
My life saver to satisfy my Asian food craving.

York was only a one day trip. Took the 6pm train back.

15 Febuary:
Went to Manchester for the Manchester Malaysian Games at Sudgen Sports Center. Not as many people compared to the Nottingham Malaysian Games but it was alright.
Manchester was cold!
My butt froze...
Watched the games until 2ish then went to the Old Trafford Stadium.

On the trip back, got a message from my mum. It wasn't good news. 
Princess Belle passed away. 
Lost 2 best buddies in less than a week...

Rest In Peace my Princess,
Oct 2006 - 15 Feb 2014
Have a great afterlife.
I will miss you very much.
You were there for me through thick and thin,
Kept me company when I was lonely,
Made me feel so loved as your attention was only focused on me when I get back from college after a few months. And how you would be the first to greet me when I open the car door.
I will miss feeding you, 
giving you treats and snacks
as well as a giving you hugs.
I loved how you were always by my side.
When I walk around the house, you would walk beside me. 
When I play basketball or when I skate you would sit on the stairs and wait for me to finish playing.
I am sorry I wasn't there for you when you had your last breath. 
I am sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you.
But there's one thing for sure, I will miss you.
I love you very much Princess Belle!
You are the rainbow after the rain.
R.I.P Princess Belle

16 Febuary:
I was feeling very sad.
I lost 2 best friends in less than a week.
I wasn't there for them when they needed me and I didn't get to say goodbye to them.
I was rather devastated...
I could not focus when I was reading. 
I was just watching videos and looking at pictures of them.

17 Febuary:
Though I was still sad, I had to put my feelings aside because I had classes and seminars.
Like I said, can't let the emotions interfere... 
I had 2 seminars.
By the end of the day, I was pretty tired.

18 Febuary:
No seminars, but my last lecture ended at 6pm.
Too late to do anything.
So I ordered pizza because I felt lazy.

19 Febuary:
My free day...
the day I do as much preparation I can for my seminars.
I have 4 seminars every fortnight and 1 seminar on the alternate fortnight! (does that make sense?)
In other words, I have to prepare for my seminars.
I feel a lot busier this semester to tell you the truth.
I am feeling the stress.
My nose is bleeding and the skin on my fingers are also peeling.
So busy. I have no time for anything...
How am I blogging? *will be explained later*

20 Febuary:
Had a 2hour seminar then after that a lecture.
After that ate a banana then continued my preparation for my Friday seminar...

21 Febuary:
There was no lecture. Only a seminar which started at 9.
I woke up super early to do some reading...

22 Febuary:
Woke up. Did some reading.
Went grocery shopping.
Bought junk food because ain't nobody got time to eat now...

This is probably the longest time I took to write a blog post...
I am busy... still have lots to do. 
SO how the hell am I still blogging?!
I promised to blog at least once a week if I was busy so this is what I did...
Once my eyes start watering due to focusing on reading articles with small fonts, I would take a 5 minute break and I would type as fast as I can to complete this post.
That's dedication.
I even decided to not go for badminton because... I need to read...
goodbye social life.

Anyways guys,
Thats it for today!
Have a Great day!
Stay Awesome '
Remember to SMILE!

Friday, February 14, 2014

AND life goes on...

This week is probably the worst week for me.
My mum told me 2 things which I never wanted to hear. The news shattered me.

As most of you may know, Kookie, or Queen Kookie as I used to call her passed away on the 11 of this month which was a Tuesday.
Princess Belle on the other hand is paralyzed.
I was told all this during this week.
It was tough. I had to carry on doing whatever I did because I couldn't let my emotions get the best of me. I had to just go on as life goes on.

Many of you may know that my dogs are my life. They are my everything. They give me happiness. They are my best friends. They make my world go round. They were always there for me. Dogs really are man's best friend.

Every time I get negative news about my dogs, I die a little on the inside because I love my dogs so much and the thought of losing them just shatters me. People who know me personally would know this. I love my dogs more than I love my human friends. I am not ashamed to admit this. They are afterall my best friends.

Kookie is a Yorkshire Terrier.
The best companion one could ever ask for.
She loved eating cheese.
I got her when I was 10years old. I fell in love with her once I saw her and I didn't want to look at other dogs. I wanted her and I got her.
For 10 years she made my day brighter. She made me laugh and was always there by my side when I was down. She licks my face to cheer me up whenever I felt depressed, sad or just to show me that she was there for me. She was a great dog. She was my dog. She has always been there for me whenever I was down or whenever I needed her.
She was sick, she was old and I wasn't there for her.
I wasn't there when she vomited blood.
I wasn't there when she was at the vet.
I wasn't there when she died.
I didn't get to thank her for making my life more interesting. I didn't get to thank her for being there for me. I didn't even get the chance to say thank you for being my best friend, for being there for me when I needed her and most of all, for loving me as much as a dog ever could.

I am sorry. I am sorry for not being able to be there for you. I am sorry.
I will miss you. I will miss smuggling you into the house. I will miss how you just sit on top of my things when I pack and most of all, I will miss carrying you around and putting you on top of my head.
I love you. Always and forever. '
I hope that you have an awesome afterlife as well as have a good rebirth.

Honestly speaking, I have a different way to deal with my feelings.
Even if I may not look sad to you it does not mean I am not sad.
I have troubles expressing my emotions and how I feel.
I do other things to forget that the fact that she is no longer with me.
So, please do not judge me for the way I deal with my emotions because it has nothing to do with you and you don't know me well enough.

Life goes on, right?
Whether good or bad, life still goes on.
I choose not to let my emotions get in my way...
That is just how I am.

and I would just like to thank QY for understanding.
I know I may not be the best at expressing my emotions and feelings but thank you for just being you and for understanding how I am.
Thanks man.
You know I am always there for you if you ever need me.

Rest In Peace Kookie.
Loving you always.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pancake feet

Most of you may not know this, but I have pancake feet.
What exactly is pancake feet?
Pancake feet = Flat foot

Yes, I have very flat feet, and I do fall a lot. However, with the insoles, I do not fall as often as I usually do which is GREAT!
However, getting used to the insoles is another story. My previous insoles were from NZ and I've been using them for four years now. I decided to go to a podiatrist because the insoles that I've been using for 4years now is going flat, in other words, it is not supporting my pancake feet.
I actually got my new insoles last week. But as it was still the holidays, and I did not leave my room there was no need to wear shoes.
BUT THIS WEEK HOWEVER, lectures started. I had to walk more which means that my insoles will cause some pain and discomfort...
I can't even walk properly. I am limping everywhere.
On the positive side, the pain would last for about a week... After that, no more pain. So YAY!

Since it is the first week back to Uni, I am still adjusting.
Instead of watching a whole load of movies in a day, I reduced the amount of movies to watch.
Overall, this week I watched:
- Frozen

- Legally Blonde

- Legally Blonde 2

- The Butler


- Season 2 of New Girl

That is minimal.
Starting from next week however, there would be no time for movies. Got to start reading and prepare for my seminars/tutorials and workshops.
Just thinking about it makes me feel tired.

Frozen is an awesome movie. Disney never fails to amaze me. The soundtrack for the movie is also great. "Let it go" and "do you wanna build a snowman" are my two favourite soundtrack from the movie.
I would definitely watch Frozen over and over again...

Legally Blonde is funny. My favourite quote from that movie is:
Law school is for people who are boring and ugly and serious.

The Butler is also a good movie. Actually, it's a great movie. Oprah Winfrey is in it. I love Oprah.

Hmm... That is all I can say. I can't think of anything else to write down.

Have a great day!
Remember to SMILE!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mid week recuperation

Monday was exhausting. Imagine the other Mondays to come where I'll have 4lectures and 2 seminars... I would be dead.

Tuesday was tiring. At least class started at noon and not at 9am so I was not flat out exhausted. \

Today, no classes no seminars. Best day of the week. Every Wednesday no lectures. Every Wednesday will be the day I recuperate. I will wake up at 2pm. Have breakfast at 3pm. A nap at 4pm. Wake up at 7pm. Go online till I am sleepy and then BED TIME!

Wednesdays are awesome.
Well, now it is.

Today, I tried to be productive.
Emphasise on the word TRIED.
I was trying to read some reading material for my Public Law and the Constitution lecture, but OMG, I can't.
I really can't. I lose track on which sentence I was at... and reading from the computer screen makes it feel like my eyes are melting.
I ended up watching Season 2 of New Girl.

Oh dear...
so lifeless.

Anyways, one lecture tomorrow.
Back to gaming.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day!
Stay awesome!
Remember to SMILE! :D

Monday, February 3, 2014

First day of Semester 2

As my alarm rang with the song "The Ocean" by Tegan and Sara, I reached across to the bedside table in order to turn my alarm off. As I lay in my warm, comfy bed for a few more seconds, I got the strength to drag my bum out of bed, brush my teeth, shower and prepare for the day.
I was up and ready in 15minutes. I still had 30 more minutes before class started and the law building is just about a 5minutes walk from where I was staying. So I decided to check and e-mail and watch some YouTube videos. At 9.00 I left for my lecture with 15minutes to spare. Talked to some friends while waiting to enter the lecture theater, as usual just to kill time.

That was the first lecture of the day! And that lecture alone drained me. As I had a 6hour break, I headed home. Skyped my family and after that I fell asleep for 45minutes. I got woken up by Skype. It was my brother. He wanted to show me his ice cream and tell me about some other random shizzle.

Right after the Skype called ended, I made myself lunch. I ate cereal. Weetabix Crispy Minis with Chocolate Chips just for a change from my regular Coco Puffs. I think I will be going back to buying Coco Puffs after I finish the choco chip weetabix cereal.

Started to read for a while after eating my cereal. I got tired of reading after a while and decided to watch 15minutes worth of YouTube videos before going for my next 2 lectures.

Lectures ended at 1805. 2 lectures back to back is exhausting and it made me hungry. As soon as I got back, I ate some instant rice while watching the movie 'Las Vegas' starring Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Micheal Douglas and Kevin Kline. It's a good movie.

After the movie I showered and now I am blogging. After this I am going to my sweet, wonderful, lovely bed.
Hopefully tomorrow won't be too exhausting, then again it is Uni and it is Law we are talking about.

Have a great day!
Remember to SMILE!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Semester 2, here I come!

Tomorrow, 3rd February, Semester 2 will start.
Learning 2 more subjects. Value and the Law & Public and Constitutional Law.
They don't sound interesting... Then again, my perspective may change once I know what they are or what I am learning.

Am I looking forward to tomorrow?
- No, not really. I need to somehow find a way to drag my arse out of bed on time so that I won't be late for lectures.

On the bright side, I have no classes on Wednesdays! :D

However, Mondays are the worst!
Lectures start at 9.15 am and my last lecture ends at 6.05pm.
In other words, Mondays are the busiest of all days.

That is it for today!


Thursday, January 30, 2014


Happy Chinese New Year to my family, friends and everyone who is celebrating.

As we all know, it's the year of the horse!
Let's have a great year. Eat lots of food, play with firecrackers and watch fireworks as well as catch up with the fam bam.
For the youngsters, it's time to go collect red packets, time to play and hang with the cousins, time to eat all those goodies, drink all the fizzy drinks and just enjoy life as a fellow unmarried youngster.

For me,
I enjoy playing firecrackers with my cousins as well as watching the firework competition by houses nearby. Lion dances.
I love lion dances.
Yes, they are loud. VERY LOUD.
But I still love it.
If you 'pull' their beard thinggy, it gives you good luck.

Plus, the lions are cute and very colourful

Pretty awesome right!

Sadly, I will be missing out on all that since I am in the UK and not back home in Malaysia.
It will probably be 3-4years of no Chinese New Year celebrations with the fam, no playing firecracker and no watching fireworks. But it's alrighty. I have another family here in UK. Though it probably wouldn't give me any 'feel' because of the atmosphere, it's all good!

The only difference now is that I am not able to eat all the food and goodies, BUT I will be on Skype 99% of the time with my family members so it's like I am there but I am actually not.
They will be enjoying awesome food while I eat instant noodles!

Anyways guys,
Thanks for reading.

Once again,
To all of you who are celebrating Chinese New Year,

Have a great day,
Stay Awesome
Remember to SMILE! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Addiction to tea + Scrubs

Last week of my holidays/break. Lectures start again on the 3rd of Feb and Chinese New Year is round the corner... literally in 3 more days.

Princess Belle is still at the vet.
I am hoping for a miracle.

I don't express my emotions well.
I hope my princess gets better soon...

Made an appointment for a haircut.
Hair is too long.
With hair wax anything can be fixed... I think.
Hoping the haircut this time is better...

Been drinking tea and watching Scrubs all day.
Watching a season a day.
Now I am at season 5.

I love Scrubs.

I miss princess Belle.

Been watching so much Scrubs I don't even know what day or what time it is.

That's the update for today and the other days...
I've been doing the same thing.
So nothing interesting has happened at all.
I need a life.

Have a great day!
Stay awesome!
remember to SMILE! :D

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Racism, racism everywhere.

Yesterday I went bowling with some friends.
It was a fun day.
Lots of laughter, randomness and swearing.
Lots of swearing.

After bowling we played at the arcade for a bit then we went to KFC for dinner.
As most of you may know, I am a pescetarian.
I eat seafood, fish, eggs and vegetables.

Why don't I eat meat?
-cause I don't like it.
Have I tried it?
- yes, obviously... If not how will I know whether I like it or not...

Anyways back to the blog.
I ate french fries and drank a Maltesers krusher.
The Maltesers Krusher tastes like very diluted chocolate milk with weird crunchy stuff in it...
I don't know if I like it or not...

After KFC we went to ASDA.
It was my first time in ASDA.
It is huge.

after ASDA we went back.

On the bus we met a bunch of racist teenagers...
They gave us the middle finger after we got out of the bus...
they were just all at the window pointing their middle fingers at us just cause we are a bunch of asians...

ITS 2014!

Why so racist?
What makes you think your race is better than the others?
Just because the colour of our skin is different it does not give you the right to be racist.

Come on guys!
Change for the better.
Stop being so narrow minded with the way you think.
Being racist does not make you a better person...
You might think it's cool to diss and mock people just because of the different skin colour they have..
I don't know what to say.

Honestly speaking,
I thought UK was different.
I thought people here were more accepting.
Then again its not EVERYONE.
It's just a handful and most of them are kids.
Shouldn't they be educated.
They go to school right?
They should know that being racist is not cool in any way.

Then again, they are who they are.
If they wanna be racist then SURE! why not? They'll go super far in life in the future since being racist is such an advantage to have in life...

The world today.
You would think it would be moving forward...
Well it is. Kinda...
Same sex marriage is now legal in more countries and states which is AWESOME!

That is it for today.
Have a great day!
remember to SMILE!

and also:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I did my last paper today.
Criminal Law. It lasted for 3hours. I sat through the whole 3 hours even though my ass felt numb...

I feel so happy and free mostly because a burden and stress of sitting for an exam is finally off my shoulders. 

Since my last update,
I've been spending all my time in the library preparing for the exams. The study atmosphere in the library is intense. Everyone is studying. Because everyone is studying YOU GOTTA STUDY! You can't talk because its the reading room... all you gotta do is read or study or do your assignment... or whatever it is that does not involve talking.

to celebrate the ending of my exams I went to town? or is it called the city centre... I dont know.. And had lunch with some friends, then watched a movie with Sach. It was only the two of us in the cinema. It was pretty cool.

Then Sachy and I went to Tesco to buy some food, groceries. 
I bought nothing healthy and everything sugar-full.

Oh yeah, the movie we watched was The Delivery Man. It is a good movie. I like it. Its funny. The fact that its a comedy makes me like it even more.

Even though exams are over, I still have an essay due. So I should try to do it now so that I would be able to enjoy my "break" before it ends.

Have a nice day guys!
Remember to SMILE!!!

PS: Updates will be back to normal! 
If I feel like being random, then random post every now and then :D

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Living in the library... nah, not really + no more updates till 21 JAN

I've been spending most of my days at the library.
I usually go to the library at 12ish or 1ish and I stay till the library closes.
I will go back to my room in the evening/night to shower and have dinner then I will head back to the library till its time to go back/ library closes or when I just can't read anymore because my brain does not want to process that.

For the first two weeks I've been in my room but now I feel that I have to leave my room because there's too many things to distract me in my room.
I have Rufus, my guitar.
I have my lappy infront of me...
I have other things to do.
not to mention... I fall asleep in my room when I try to read because the bed calls my name and I get distracted...

There's no bed in the library...
no guitar as well...
I should not get distracted there...
That is what I hope...

I have to get my act together...

Probably next week I will be back in my room studying.
The library is getting crowded.

This is the last post until the 21st of this month as I want to focus without any distractions.
After the 21st I will be blogging as much as I can!
and not to forget, making videos.


Have a great day!
Remember to SMILE!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Library, Dinner, Ice cream + Movie

Yesterday I went to the library.
Studied there for a bit.. well until 6ish nearly 7pm because the library closes at 7pm. Then We for dinner at the Old Grey Mare. Had a drink and we talked a lot.
It was nice.
A day out of my cave...

After dinner at round 10ish we went to a friend's house.
Ate ice cream and watched Despicable Me 2 UNTIL they changed it to The Conjuring.
I did not watch the movie at all.
All I did was hide behind another friend laying down on the floor starring at the carpet and the walls... But not a glance at the TV.

After the movie ended around midnight we all went home...

I don't watch scary movies...
I don't watch thrillers as well.
The only type of movies I watch are comedies and cartoons.
Harry Potter is an exception.

Overall, it was a great day.

Going to go back to bed.
Have a nice day
Stay Awesome
Remember to Smile!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's!

Happy New Year guys!
HAPPY 2014!

I hope you guys are healthy and happy.
I wish you guys all the best for 2014!
I hope 2014 brings happiness, joy and awesomeness.
To those who've made resolutions, good luck and I hope you that you are able to achieve it.

To those that felt that 2013 sucks and it won't get any better,
I hope that 2014 will be much better and IT DOES GET BETTER.
Don't give up.

I myself, won't be making any New Year's resolution for the year 2014.
I tried but I failed miserably...
My 2013 list of resolution was an absolute waste of time...
Therefore, 2014, SURPRISE ME!
I just hope to pass 1st year law... eh heh

2013 passed really fast...
Time does fly.
Before I know it, I will be 90years old living on top of a hill with 99dogs eating canned tuna...

Alrighty guys,
Stay awesome!
remember to SMILE!

p.s: I made a vlog, you can watch it HERE.

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Reflection

In the beginning of the year I made a list for my New Year's Resolution. 
I failed every single thing on that list.

On the list I wrote:
- To be more hardworking
- To procrascinate less
- To be more patient and tolerant
- Try to swear less (I swear more than usual now!)
- Be more healthy (MAGGIE ALL THE WAY)
- Start exercising to be healthier (HELLO BED!)
- To stress less (I got so stressed out before my exams, the doctor had to give me sleeping pills)
- To be more productive in life... (well hello...unproductiveness)

So overall, the best thing about 2013 for me is:
Going to university. I am enjoying my life now. I am so happy. I have never been this happy.
I got introduced to listening to Tegan and Sara
I bought Tegan and Sara's T-shirts
I got an autograph from Tegan and Sara (a million thanks to Cas for helping me get it, You made my year!)

I hope 2013 has been nice to all of you. 
If not, 2014 will probably get better.
Because it does get better.

Stay Awesome
Remember to smile!!!


*next update -> tomorrow-ish after New Year Eve's drinking* 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

winter? Where's the snow?

This is the view from my window this afternoon.
Its winter.
I thought it would snow...
ITS JUST WINDY most of the time...
and if Mr Sunny Sun does appear it would probably be just for a minute or so...

I was looking forward for it to snow.
Then again it's just the beginning of winter.

I took advantage of this weather.
I went out to buy groceries. On most days it would so windy I would be freezing my face and fingers off...

So far this Christmas break/Study break "holiday", it's been windy. I can hear the wind howling...
I feel like pizza now...
It is 2am in the morning now.
Ain't nobody got time for pizza now...

Tea it is...

Alrighty guys,
This is the short pointless post for the day.
Have a great day!
Stay awesome
Remember to smile!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Expiring dates...

I have this habit of not checking expiry dates on food when I go grocery shopping.
So I end up stuffing my face with food, one day before it expires. This is maybe the fourth or fifth time I've stuffed bread into my mouth because its expiring.

You can watch it here

I never learn my lesson. Sometimes I don't even realize that the food is already expired until its in my stomach, digesting. But nothing ever happens...
Must be because I've eaten so much food that has already expired that it has no effect. YAY

That's an update!

Have a nice day!
Stay Awesome
Remember to SMILE!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How I celebrated Christmas, LLAMA Version

I slept at 5am, woke up at 8.30am to skype my parents because they'll be heading to my grandma's place for dinner.
That is practically how Christmas is celebrated back home. My family we don't celebrate but we do go to my grandma's place for dinner.

Anyways, they got back and skyped me again.

I had coco puffs for breakfast? lunch?... I had coco puffs for brunch.
Then I had pizza delivered for dinner.
While eating pizza I watched "How the grinch stole Christmas"
and after that I finished watching all 65 episodes of Lizzie McGuire. I think it too me overall 2-3days to finish watching all 65 episodes. wow.

Anyways I had the best day ever today.

I hoped everyone has a wonderful day.

Stay Awesome!
Remember to smile!

Merry Christmas!

Hello guys!

Have a wonderful day.

I played a simplified version of Jingle Bells here
If you want to watch it, go ahead, if you don't want to no problemo.

I hope everyone has a nice day.

Stay Awesome
Remember to smile EXTRA since its the season to be jolly!